Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ski Days

We signed Tucker up for his first ski school lesson at Brighton a couple weeks ago. It was the cheapest place to go for a lesson and where Cody and I could buy day passes. Tucker has been so excited to go skiing!
 We spied on him a little bit during his lesson. As you can tell it was a "snow" day, but it didn't bother Tucker one bit. I bought him a neck gator and Brighton let us borrow a helmet for him so he was nice and warm.
 Here he is on the left on the lift. He's getting ready to pull the safety bar down.
 After his lesson we bought some hot chocolate and nachos and ate and warmed up in the lodge. We went back out for a few runs afterward. He does great with the clamps to keep his skis together, but when we take them off they are usually crossed. I think we'll do one more session of ski school and see if that helps.
 We took Tucker skiing on a Friday and the next Monday Cody and went and skied Park City Mountain Resort. It was awesome because hardly anyone was there. We are all about midweek skiing. We scored these passes for $25 a piece through a local sporting goods store.