Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Best

These are my best before church pictures of my kids. Cole was feeling a little left out that he didn't get to hold Blake. I'm pretty sure he's trying to get his arm around him too.
 And then when I finally got him to face forward he thought it was fun to put his hands on his ears. Oh well, there they are - my cute little munchkins! I was able to fix Aubrey's dress (there's only one little hole on the underlining), but I made it too big, so she'll be wearing it again next year.
 Sunday evening we went down to my Grandpa and Grandpa Grant's house for our annual Christmas party. They requested that the kids dress up as angels, wisemen and shepherds for the nativity story. I just happened to have a costume for Tucker to wear that a friend made me back in my FHE group days.
 Aubrey had the halo going, but the wrong color dress. Oh well - the kids were cute anyway.
 Our family has gotten huge over the years. I think we had 60 + people there that night and there were 5-6 families missing. I love it!