Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Grandma Foster

My sweet Grandma Foster passed away on December 12th. She was 85 years old and had lived a wonderful life. We knew the time was coming soon and just the day before all of us that could went by the house to say our last goodbyes. She was unconscious for the last 24 hours or so of her life, but I'd like to think she could still hear me tell her how much I loved her.
Her funeral was held last Friday, December 17th. You can read her obituary here.
The funeral was beautiful. Each of the kids spoke and there were a bunch of musical numbers. I was able to sit by my Grandpa during the funeral service and I just love that man. He has cared for my Grandma completely the last year of her life. He easily could have put her in an nursing home, but he wanted to be the one that was there for her. My Grandma went blind almost a year ago and so her clock was a little off. My Grandpa would make her breakfast in the middle of the night if she wanted it and did everything for her. He is an excellent example of charity.
All the grandsons and grandson-in-laws were pallbearers, with 6 of them actually holding the casket.
My Grandpa chose these flowers for the top of the casket and on the ribbon he chose the word "Sweetheart". You always knew they were in love and that they were each other's sweethearts.
I think the hardest part was watching my Grandpa throughout the day. He has been so strong and it was heartbreaking to see him cry. Here he is surrounding by his children.

I am lucky enough to have in laws that helped watch my kids all day so that I could attend all the services childless.
There was a luncheon after the service for our family and we were able to get  a group shot with the family members that were still there. Cody, unfortunately, had to head back up to Park City, but it turned out to be quite a nice picture. (Maybe it's because I'm not wrestling my kids in the picture!)
I'm so grateful to have grown up with a loving and generous Grandma. She was so much fun and I have so many memories of her. I'm happy to know that she is healthy and whole again living up there in heaven. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is such a wonderful thing and I'm glad I have it in my life - along with the knowledge that we will be able to see her again someday.


Russell said...

I am so sorry, I still miss my grandmother terribly. It is a wonderful blessing to know we see thenm again!