Sunday, December 12, 2010

Swiss Christmas

I participated in Swiss Christmas this year with some good friends. This is a picture of our table setup. We all did better than last year and made some Christmas moolah! I have a new craft blog that might get converted to my old craft blog, but if you want to check out my new towels, crayon rolls and other things we sold, head over to My old blog of is still out there as well.
 Father and Mother Christmas come on Saturday and Tucker was so proud of himself that he didn't cry. He's our tough guy this year! I'm pretty sure he's telling Santa that he wants something dinosaur related in this picture.
 And Aubrey is telling Santa that she doesn't have any Barbies. Wouldn't Aubrey look so cute as one of those Swiss Miss girls? Someday... (But don't worry, I won't make her live my dreams of winning a beauty pageant!)
 Tucker's preschool made the gingerbread house in the background. He was so excited to show us that Santa was on the chimney.
 Tucker's teacher and a friend in our ward made this gingerbread house. She does amazing work every year!
 And how cool is this one! Someone even did the UP house complete with real balloons. I should've snapped a picture of that one.


Marisa said...

For real you dreamed of winning a beauty pageant? I didn't know that about you! Swiss Christmas looks like fun, I wish I lived closer and I could do it with you!

Amber said...

Looks like you guys are doing well and getting into the holiday spirit. Glad that Swiss Christmas went well for you, the towles look way cute! We need to catch up sometime soon. It has been a bit crazy latley because Spencer is in the thick of remodling his front office. They are knocking out a wall on Saturday. We will give you a ring soon.

Sarah said...

I have always wanted to go to Swiss Days or Swiss Christmas. Someday!

I love all of your recent posts. I can't believe you have your guinnea pig still-you're a better mom than me :)