Thursday, December 23, 2010


We hosted Thanksgiving for Cody's family at our house this year. I just counted and Cody and I have actually hosted Thanksgiving 4 of the 7 Thanksgiving's we've been married. Our house is perfect for hosting though and we had a great time with the Calderwoods. Aubrey is excited to get her turkey on!
 We fit 2 banquet sized tables besides our own kitchen table in our "kitchen" space. We had Cody's parents, his brother Carson and family, his uncle Rees, 2 cousins + their families, Kristin's boyfriend Chris, his parents and his sister-in-law over for dinner. I think there were 24 people total. It's great being the hostess because all I had to do was clean my house, which really isn't so bad and then we popped a turkey in the oven in the morning. I delegated everything else out!
 We attempted to take a big family picture before dinner. The day was too perfect though. The kids have eyes closed and are crying because the sun is too bright. Oh well, at least it's updated with Aspen and Blake.
 We have the most annoying fire alarm in our kitchen area. It went off every 10 minutes. I think we were all deaf by the end of dinner. If you could bash them and have them turn off I'm sure Cody would have done that.
 Here Cody is making fun of his uncle Rees's oxygen tank. There is always humor in the Calderwood family.
 We had a blast and had fun with Carson and Marisa's family. Later that night Carson, Marisa and I went to the outlets and did some midnight shopping. It was fun and much better than going to sleep and waking up early. We just went to bed at 4:30 instead!