Saturday, September 25, 2010

Blakey Blake

Our little guy is now 11 weeks old. Man the time flies by fast! At his 2 month checkup he was 12lbs 5 oz. I could've sworn I saw 12lbs. 15 oz on the scale, but as I look at my checkup form, it only says 5 oz. Either way, he is over 1 lb bigger than Cole was at this age and we thought he was big! We pulled the Bumbo out this week and Blake decided to relax and catch a few zzz's!
 And I was feeling guilty that I hardly take any pictures these days so I caught some cute ones of Blake the other night.

 Last Sunday we went down to my Grandpa Foster's house to celebrate his 85th birthday. Blake doesn't have any pictures with his Great Grandparents so I made sure to get a shot. My Grandma had a stroke last February and lost her sight, so unfortunately she hasn't "seen" Blake but it is still good for us to see her.
In other news, I was accepted to be in Swiss Christmas again this year. I'm so excited! I started sewing early this year and hope it all sells as well as it did last year. I'm doing a table with some good friends and my sister, so it should be fun!


Dan & Heather Pelfrey said...

I love the Bumbo picture! Blake looks like he's taking a nap in a recliner! Ethan doesn't quite fill up the bumbo seat yet like his cousin but he likes sitting in his too!

Train Gang said...

awwwh! had to pop in to say your family is SO SUPER cute. congrats on another baby!!

Must say seeing the "kids hanging from the banister" picture was the highlight of our day!! SO funny.

Marisa said...

Blake looks so cute you guys! And I love your family picture, great lighting and cute kids!

adventure knitter said...

if you really want to come have a free place to stay and eat! you can use us as a home base and then travel around the area. just let us know!

Maquel said...

That picture of Blake is so funny! I've never seen a baby fall asleep in a Bumbo before.

Yes, we still need to hang out! Things turned unexpectedly busy in August but should wrap up by the end of this month. How's November looking to you?