Saturday, September 25, 2010

Getting our Halloween on

I went out to check on our garden a couple weeks ago and noticed a dark spot on our stucco. When Cody came home he climbed up for a closer look. A bat was just chillin on the side of our house. Of course Cody tried to hold him and it opened it's mouth, showed it's sharp fangs and Cody got his hands out of the way. The bat flew next door and hungout on our neighbor's stucco. It was just the right thing to get us in the mood for Halloween.
At the end of May we planted our flowers and they have completely exploded and taken over. The before and after (or in this case the after and then before) pictures are awesome!

Cody purchased a kids harness for our trip to Moab. We let the kids try it out inside before we left. There's nothing like getting your rock climbing on from the banister.