Saturday, September 25, 2010

Blake's Blessing Day

We blessed Blake in our ward over Labor Day weekend. It was nice to have our family drive up and join us at church. Blake wore the blessing outfit that my Mom made for Tucker when he was blessed. It's fun to compare the boys in the outfits. I put a picture of Tucker and Cole's at the end of this post.
 Cody's Mom kept his blessing outfit and so we had a little photo shoot with Blake in Cody's outfit.
 Our first nice family picture since Blake was born. Picture taking really does get worse with each kid. Sorry Blake!
 Grandpa Calderwood and grandson.
 My Dad and his girls.
 My parents and their 9th grandbaby.


Susan said...

That family pic turned out cute! Look how big your family has gotten! That's so awesome. Blessing days are really special. :)

Dan & Heather Pelfrey said...

Haha I love that each of your kiddos were progressively fatter in that outfit. Cute pictures!

Lucy said...

Your hair looks cute short!