Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Aubrey, cousins and preschool

I've been debating for months, perhaps even a couple years on what I was going to do for Aubrey's bedding. I wasn't sure if I would make her a quilt or purchase one. I finally decided I just wasn't going to have time to make her one and we finally found one we loved at TJ Maxx. It is perfect for her room and completes the cute look of her canopy bed. The colors are vibrant and beautiful and best of all we had a gift certificate, so the cost was all inexpensive for the sheets, pillow and bed spread. We both LOVE it!
We blessed Blake over the weekend (post on that coming soon) and Heather and I had to get a picture of our growing babies. Or at least my growing baby. Blake is a chunk compared to Ethan. He has his 2 month checkup next Monday so we'll see how big he really is.
Cody's "favorite" cousin was in town over the weekend and needed some dental work done, so I was able to hangout with his wife and kids while the men went to the office. It was fun to see them and for me to get to know them even better.
Today was Aubrey and Tucker's 1st day of preschool. Aubrey was the only one that got her picture taken though.
This morning I was hurrying everyone to get ready quickly so that we wouldn't be late for Aubrey's first day. Her class begins 30 minutes before Tucker's, so my neighbor was going to watch Tucker and Cole for me so that I could take Aubrey to her orientation. Then, that neighbor was going to bring the boys to me with her daughter, for Tucker's class orientation. Things did not go as planned. After Tucker brushed his teeth and was ready for the morning, I figured he was in his room playing before we needed to leave. I got everyone else ready and put in the car and there was no Tucker. I quickly checked all over the house, calling to Tucker the whole time. I wasn't sure if he was trying to play some kind of hide and seek game or what. Well, I finally had to just leave because Aubrey was going to be late. I dropped Cole off and told my friend, Tracy, that I couldn't find Tucker. She said she'd try ringing the doorbell and looking for him before she left for school.

We made it for Aubrey's orientation and had her off to her class when Tracy called me. She hadn't found Tucker. I talked to another parent outside that I knew and explained that I had to go back home to look for him. (I was trying not to cry as I was telling the parent that I couldn't find my child). I drove back home and searched the entire house from head to toe; every cupboard and nook and cranny. Nothing. He was not there. I had said a prayer earlier and thought to call my other neighbor. Luckily, Tucker was at her house playing with her son. He'd gone over with a box of his animals and was hanging out and playing. I was full of mixed emotions as I went to pick him up and rushed him back to school. I was so glad that he was safe, but mad that he left without me knowing. He's not the type of kid that would just run away, so it made sense that he was with his friend, but man, he knows now not to leave without me knowing. He spent the better part of the afternoon in his room and went to bed early tonight.

The preschool day doesn't end there though. After I dropped Tucker off I headed to the gym to run off some frustrations. I headed back to preschool 15 minutes before Aubrey's class was supposed to get out. I found some lost keys we'd been looking for in the car and things were going great. Well, at noon I noticed that there weren't any other parents around ready to pick up their kids. The teacher wasn't in the door with the preschoolers and I was so baffled. I went inside and asked where her class was and the first teacher had no idea. We found Aubrey in Tucker's class having a great time because all her best friends were in the class. Well, it turns out that Aubrey only had class until 11 today. I never picked her up so they took her to Tucker. I had no idea that her class time was shortened. Tucker's wasn't, so I still have no idea why hers was. But that explained the lack of parents and no teacher!

Not the greatest way to start off a school year, but now that day 1 is out of the way, we can have a much better day 2!


Sarah said...

Oh NO!! Hahaha, I am sure you were freaking out, but I had to laugh because that sounds like something that would TOTALLY happen to me! And I always feel like an idiot when it does because I think people must think, "That lady has too many kids to take care of-why is she having MORE?!" But the truth is-it's really just me, hahaha. Anyway, I'm glad he was safe. My kids have disappeared a time or two... or three.... :)

BTW, I love Aubrey's bed. Adorable :)

The Hunsakers said...

Crazy. And Russ thinks he's everyones "favorite". What a nut.

Laurel said...

We appreciate any help you can give Cody's "special"... I mean "favorite" cousin! Actually, thanks to Cody's facial expression in that picture, Russell looks like the normal one!

We really enjoyed seeing you guys. Thanks again!

And... I can't imagine how scary that would have been with Tucker! Isn't that every parent's worst fear??

Susan said...

that IS a crazy first day!! It can only go up from there right?! :) I hope the school year is great for your cutie kiddos! :)

Lisa said...

What a day!! I am glad Tucker was alright. When Mckenna started kindrgarten they had early out days on Mondays. I forgot about it and was out doing errands. The bus driver had brought her home to our house. I felt really bad but Mckenna didn't seem to mind at all. I think we all have those moments.

Russell said...


Good thing Blake is in that picture otherwise that would be one gruesome twosome!

Becca and Brian said...

Blake is so adorable and you look amazing even after 4 kids I hope I can pull it off after 4! Im still working on not looking pregnant anymore post delivery! Cute bedding!

Karina & John Calderwood said...

I hope John doesn't read this post. He might get his feelings hurt. ;)

LOOOOVE the bedding. It's pretty similar to the one I got for Kelsi from Target. GOOD TASTE!

I AM SOOO SORRY that the first day was like that...I can't even imagine....you can laugh about it now right?

Anonymous said...

I love our "special" cousin Russell too.

your true favorite cousin