Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Weekend in the yard

Last Wednesday Cody received a phone call at work. The Red Ledges Golf Course in Heber had just been put in and there was extra sod. Our friend was working at a site up there and was told he could have the grass if he wanted it. He knew we were putting our yard in and gave Cody a call. We just needed to figure out how to get the sod to our house. We called Cody's parents to bring up their truck, we rented a 16foot tilt trailer and arranged to have our friend bring over his bobcat to help us unload the sod. We now have 16 rolls of sod sitting out front that we got for FREE! We have been blessed through this whole yard process. The weather was not looking like it was going to cooperate over the weekend with cold temperatures and snow in the forecast. Friday and Saturday it didn't snow at all. We woke up to snow Sunday morning (our day of rest) and Monday the weather was good for Cody too.

Taking the rolls of sod off the trailer. It was an extremely heavy load. It took 3 men just to push one of the rolls into the bobcat.
Friday morning Cody went and picked up all our sprinkler supplies and my dad drove up to help. We also had our topsoil delivered. We had 8 truckloads, like the one shown below delivered to our house. 4 loads in the front, and 4 in the back. It was a ton of soil, but necessary to help level out our yard and raise it up to the cement.
Aubrey "helped" Cody out and followed him around as he cemented pipes in place.
A kids dreamland. Playing on top of a huge dirt pile.
Cody's dad also came up to help Friday afternoon/evening. They put the majority of the sprinklers in and then called it a day. Saturday morning we had our neighbor with the bobcat come back over to help us spread the topsoil. We also "hired" a couple of Cody's scouts to help us spread the soil around. All I have to say is thank goodness for friends with equipment. It would have taken FOREVER to move all that topsoil by wheelbarrow.

Yesterday Cody finished everything with the sprinklers and we finished smoothing out the topsoil. Tonight is "lay the sod" night. The men (Elders Quorum) in our neighborhood are coming over to help roll it, cut it and lay it out over our lawn. One of them is bringing his BBQ and we're providing hamburgers and hot dogs. Cross your fingers that everything goes smoothly and tomorrow I should have grass!


Susan said...

That looks like so much work! I'm glad you are getting so much help from family and friends... I bet your yard will look amazing when it's done!

Laurel said...

SCORE! Those are the biggest rolls of sod I have ever seen in my life!

Emily said...

Yeah for the grass!! Aren't you glad that wasn't you out there?

And Happy Anniversary!!