Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Other happenings

Besides working on our yard the last couple weeks Cody and I also celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary. This cake probably doesn't look like much and I know it's cheesy to drizzle chocolate in a 7 on top, but it was delicious. I got the recipe from here. We had a relaxing day spent at church and home. We are counting our trip to Vegas as our getaway and our yard as our gift to each other. : )

Cole is now 15 months old and into the mischief stage. He loves to climb and this is one of his latest places to play. Sitting on the piano, scribbling on my sheet music. This morning I found him on the kitchen table eating Aubrey's breakfast. If things are left within his reach, he eats them, spills them, spreads them, throws them, etc. I took him in for his checkup and supposedly he's lost a pound and is now in the 6%. Yeah right. That kid is not in the 6%. The scale must be off. He can say Uh-oh, Daddy, bark like a dog and moo like a cow. Not a huge vocabulary yet, but I'm not worried.
This is what I woke up to Monday morning. We've never seen or heard of raccoons around here, so it must have been the deer. It's so fun picking up scattered garbage first thing in the morning.
Tucker and Aubrey are both taking swimming lessons this week and enjoying them. Cody is also participating with Dentistry from the Heart and doing a day of free dentistry at his office, Park City Dentistry, this Saturday. Two of his dental school buddies are coming to help him out. It should be great and a huge success. Cody was on Park City TV yesterday morning and will have write ups in the Wasatch Wave, Summit County paper and the Park Record this week. We're excited to see how everything goes.