Friday, May 21, 2010


It is so fun having a girl! It's been almost 2 years since Aubrey's had a haircut and her hair is getting really long. It makes it fun to try new "dos". Last Sunday we did a princes crown. Of course I had to have her model it for a picture!

Luckily she has always been great at letting me do her hair and holding still.

Tucker came home from church last Sunday and apparently was really tired. He took his shoes and socks off and crawled under our bed to take a "rest". Cody and I were calling him down for dinner and he never responded. : )
Making sugar cookies. Tucker picked out Halloween cookie cutter and I "helped" Aubrey pick out some spring ones.
Tucker had his last day of preschool yesterday for the year. He loved it and wishes he were going to summer school. How I wish that attitude would last throughout life! (Not that I want him to go to summer school, I'm just glad he likes school.) This picture is with his teacher, Miss Sherilynn and his little friend Kali that we carpool with. Aubrey will have Miss Sherilynn next year.
Finally we finished our yard last night. Cody's sister and her friend came up to help us lay sod and our neighbors came over as well. Our friends gave us an 8X8 garden box that we are going to use as a sandbox for the kids. Now if it would just warm up - we'll spend our time outdoors!


Karina & John Calderwood said...

Can I get a little bit of that Aubrey over here??? It is an endless WAR to do Kelsi's hair. If she can reach tbe brush when I put it down - she will grab it and throw it as far as she can. Maybe I will show her the pretty picture of Aubrey and maybe that will change her mind??

Marisa said...

You're going to have to teach me how to do girl hair! (When Aspen finally has some!) I'm so happy for you that you finally have some grass and I'll bet that the sod will be much better than seed!