Sunday, May 23, 2010

San Rafael Swell

We went camping this weekend down in the San Rafael Swell of Southeastern Utah. My parents went down Thursday morning with some friends (the Blakes and the Humbles), and they took Aubrey with them. Tucker wanted to go, but he had his last day of school on Thursday, so we decided to let the grandparents have some one on one time with Aubrey.
We left right after work on Friday and made the 3.5 hour trek down there. The weather report was saying that it was going to be cold and stormy so we packed accordingly. Much to our surprise it was very warm and very sunny when we got down there. It was great playing in 85 degree weather.

Here is a picture of our campsite.

Here is Cole with his favorite person in the world. He actually prefers my dad over Lisa and me. If he gets hurt, he goes to grandpa. If he wants something, he goes to grandpa. It's quite funny to see how attached he is.

When we woke up the next morning we enjoyed the buttes that surrounded us on all sides. The views are spectacular down there in the Swell. I love living in Utah again and being so close to the red rock country.

Lisa and I slept out in the tent that night and the kids slept in the 5th wheel with my parents. For Lisa and me it was a rough night sleeping with the intense winds outside, although the kids and my parents didn't notice a thing in the trailer and slept soundly. Not the best tent camping weather. The next day though, the wind was gone and it was sunny blue skies and warm weather.

Lisa and I took the 4 wheeler over to the Wedge Overlook Saturday morning without the kids. The views are amazing.

This is looking down the canyon formed by the San Rafael River. Our campsite is actually way down there at the end of the canyon. You can see the road if you zoom in on the picture.

After our little get away to the wedge, we went back to camp and did a lot of riding around on the 4 wheelers with the kids.

Tucker and Aubrey absolutely loved playing with Erin and Craigs daughters. They followed them everywhere. Here is Aubrey enjoying a 4 wheeler ride.

With Lisa's pregnant belly, Tucker can't quite get his arms around to hold on to her. Maybe this fall Tucker after the baby is born.

That afternoon the winds picked up a little more and it started to cool down, thus the jackets.

This is pretty much what Cole did the whole weekend. He would grab on to his dump truck and push it all over camp. He loves that dump truck.

It was an enjoyable get away, even if it was a short stay.


Russell said...

Awsome trip. The wedge is one of my favorite places in Utah and a well kept secret! I don't know how many times I have bumped into desert bighorn hiking around there.