Monday, October 13, 2008

Weekend with the Lintons!

We were lucky enough to spend the weekend hanging out with our good dental friends Justin and Erin Linton and their boys Brayden and Camden. They flew into town for Erin's 10-year reunion. Erin grew up on the Air Force Academy and Justin just south of it, so they took us on a tour of the Academy after they arrived. I'd never even been on the base, so it was really fun to see. Our first stop was to take pictures with the airplanes.
The dentists. : )
The dentists' wives.
Family picture with the chapel on the academy.
Linton Family.
Inside the chapel. Isn't it awesome?! Of course, that's only where you get to attend church if you are Protestant or Catholic.

Erin's brother, Shawn, is a Cadet at the Academy and we were able to spend the weekend with him and his girlfriend too. We played tons of games and had a great time talking about the past, present and future. Erin's festivities were on Saturday and we conned Shawn and Whitney into babysitting all the kids. Erin and Justin went to her reunion and Cody and I went and saw Eagle Eye at the theater.
Classic bath picture - minus Camden, although he was in there with them.
We had a great roast after church and stayed up late (again) playing games and talking. We had so much fun and are so glad we were able to see our friends. You never know when you'll see some of your friends after you part ways and move to different parts of the country (Lintons live in Oregon).

Unfortunately for the Lintons, at the moment they are waiting out the day at the Denver airport. They are flying standby and weren't able to get on their flight this morning. Cross your fingers that they'll get on tonight! (Update: they made their evening flight home!)


Mindy said...

Hey Lisa! Colorado looks beautiful. My family has 40 acres in Durango, CO and we go there almost every summer. It is gorgeous! I love driving through the mountains up past the ski resort there or going to Navajo Lake. You said your friends live in Florence, husband thinks he wants to live there one day but I've never been there. Could you give her my email ( I'd love to ask her some questions about the town! Thanks:)

The Baldwin Brigade said...

We were hanging out with old friends, Travis and Megan Smith, on Saturday night and some how or another we put together the fact that we both know you guys. Small world, huh?!

Alysha said...

First off, I couldn't agree with you more on your last post. Why do we that have been responsible with our money (as we've been told to do so) have to pay for everyone else to be relieved of their poor choices? EERRR!
Next, and on a much lighter note, it looks like you had such a fun weekend. What great friends!

Carter Family said...

Jealous much?! I think that's so awesome that you guys got to hang out! Bryce and I talk about ya'll all the time and how much we miss you! We should all be so lucky to have 10 year reunions near the Calderwoods! By the way, Lisa, you are looking extremely cute!