Sunday, March 6, 2016

Skiing at Brighton

After our ski trip to Solitude, we realized that Lisa was having coordination issues due to her tumor. We decided to go for one more ski day as a family before Lisa got too sick. This time we decided to stick to just the easiest green runs for the morning, then at lunch she could stay in the lodge and read a book. 

I dropped Blake off for ski school and then got the rest of the family ready for some fun.

Tucker and Cole on the chair lift.

I took this photo at the top of Majestic lift looking over at Mount Miliscent. I love this view.

I wish Blake could have been in this photo. I love it.

My three older rugrats.

Lisa did well enough for the morning. There was a funny moment on her first run. We were going to the green and as we passed the ski school she lost control and a pine bough knocked her off her skis. She was a little embarrassed to crash in front of all those kids. Other than that she had a good morning of skiing.

After lunch the blue skies disappeared and a snow storm rolled in.

It was snowing really heavily at times.

Here are a couple of videos of us skiing. The kids love to ski through trees. I try to follow them and film without getting my head taken off by a branch.

 Lisa took this photo of us at the end of the day. What a fun day skiing as a family.

Afterwards we drove down to Buffalo Wild Wings and engorged ourselves on some delicious food after a tiring day on the mountain. Unfortunately it was our last day skiing as a family. The kids and I will always remember with fondness the times we went snow skiing with Lisa.