Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Christmas break

After Christmas I headed up to our family cabin for a couple days with my family while Cody had to work unfortunately. The last week of the year is always busy for him while patients try to get as much out of their insurance. The temperatures were freezing, but the kids had fun playing with their cousins and ventured outside to ride the snowmobiles and sled. I was able to visit with my cousin Heidi that I don't see often and make yummy caramel corn.
 Aubrey and Blake are good buddies.
 It was fun having uncle Spencer around this year. He's been gone the past 2 years on his mission.
 We love the cabin.

 We stayed home for New Year's Eve and I let Tucker and Aubrey stay up until midnight. Cody went to bed early and these two were my dates. We watched the ball drop in Times Square complete with some Taylor Swift singing and dancing and then we busted out the sparkling cider. I'm sure they thought I was a little crazy!
 Then we gave kisses cheered to a New Year and were off to bed. You can see Tucker struggled to stay awake.