Friday, February 27, 2015

Day 2 Epcot

We headed to Epcot on our first day in the park. Cody was in the implant class for half the day, but met up with us around 2 in the afternoon. Our kids are perfectly capable of walking but we brought the stroller for when they grew tired of walking and to put the backpack and water bottles in.   
Heather is 6.5 months pregnant and sat out on some of the rides. 

 Cody bought the Birnbaum Guides book for Disney World and researched the best rides, shows, and restaurants to visit.  We planned out a rough draft for each day in the different parks.  Epcot was easier to plan for because it's not as jam packed as the other parks, but it's still a fun park. Some of our favorite rides in Epcot were Soarin and Mission Space. Mission Space made us adults queasy but didn't bother the kids one bit. It definitely was not a ride for pregnant ladies or young kids. Cole was barely tall enough to ride it. We also did the boat ride through Mexico and got to see the singing parrots.  The kids liked that.  The 3D show for Captain EO was cheesy, but when you realize that it was made 30 years ago, it is quite impressive.
In the evening Heather and my Mom went back to the hotel with the kids while my Dad, Dan, Cody and I stayed and went to dinner in Mexico. After dinner we road Test Track and stayed and watched the firework show. Since Cody missed the morning in the park we wanted to get as much of the day in as he could. We decided we would stay late for the fireworks in Magic Kingdom another day so the kids could enjoy a firework show.

Overall Epcot was fun, but not great for little kids. It would be great to visit all the countries and try the food without little tagalongs. Maybe when they are older.