Tuesday, February 10, 2015

January catch up

I surprised Cody with tickets to the Monster Truck rally for Christmas. We had both never been so we doubled with my brother Spencer. It was loud and a lot of fun. 
 On January 13th I took Aubrey to the allergist to have her retested for peanuts and envirnmental. This girl lucked out and is no longer allergic to peanuts. They tested her twice for peanuts because her back test came out negative. They tested her forearm as well and still negative. They had her do an in office eating test so I went to the vending machine and bought her Reese's peanut butter cups. She ate one and didn't want to eat the other one yet. We had to wait 20 minutes after to see if she had any side effects. None so she was clear and I took her back to school. Happy day! Tucker isn't happy about it. He wants to be peanut free, but now we are down to only 2/4 allergies in our home. 
 We went skiing as a family on January 17th up at Brighton ski resort. We put Blake in ski school for the day and the rest of us hit the slopes. Tucker received poles for Christmas so he was excited to use those this year. He is finally ready for them. Aubrey skis great and Cole remembered a lot. He skied with Cody the first couple of runs and did awesome. We enjoyed a beautiful day that wasn't too cold and were able to look down into our Heber Valley from the top. You can even see Memorial Hill and our neighborhood if you zoom in on the picture below. 

 Cole fell asleep before we were halfway down the canyon. Blake's ski instructor said he did a great job. We plan to go again this Saturday. This seems to be the year that winter skipped Utah, but thankfully the resorts are still making snow and the mountains have enough to  make it fun for the kids. We are living the dream!