Friday, February 27, 2015

Day 1 Disney World Vacation

We flew to Orlando on Thursday, January 21st. We flew on Delta with a layover in Detroit. Heather and Dan's family had a layover as well in Detroit and we caught a connecting flight with them onto Orlando. This was Blake's first airplane ride and Cole's first that he remembers. Aubrey flew with me this past summer and Tucker barely remembers flying when we lived in Colorado. Blake asked me a dozen times if we were off the ground yet as we taxied on the runway. I assured him that he would know when we left the ground. They were great fliers. Our aircraft had TVs in the back of each seat and we brought 5 sets of headphones so everyone ended up having a pair except for me. I read on this trip.

 We were cutting it a little close on our connection in Detroit but the pilot invited our kids to check out the cockpit and the flight attendant gave our kids wings. Lots of buttons to push.

 The weather was snowy and icy. They had to de-ice the plane before we could leave.
 This was our view before arriving in Orlando that evening. It was a long day of travel, but we were all excited to get there. Cody booked us a nice 2 room suite with my parents at the Sheraton a few miles away from Disney World. Our main reason for heading to Florida was a dental implant course Cody needed to take. When my parents heard we were going, they asked if they could come along.  Then Heather heard of our trip and her family asked if they could come too. It became a family Disney World experience for a week. I was happy about it. We hadn't done Disney as a family yet, so we in for a new adventure.