Monday, February 16, 2015


Tucker wanted to wrestle again this year so we signed him up.  He practiced two nights a week for an hour and a half each night.  I would go to all the practices and help him out.  One time I didn't arrive until the end of practice and he was bummed I wasn't there.  I know some other kids didn't like having their dads there, so I asked him what he preferred.  Without hesitating he said that he preferred I was there to help him.  I had fun spending two nights a week with him at the high school.

Wrestling is hard work, but can also be very rewarding.  At times Tucker would get tired of the work required, but he enjoyed the results of the hard work.  He is a very smart kid, which helps a ton in wrestling.  People think wrestling is all about brute strength.  While strength can help, smarts will beat strength more often than not.  Tucker tends to be a more mild mannered kid.  Not really aggressive.  That hurts you in wrestling.  So after his first tournament we talked to him about being the aggressor on the mat.  Going after the other kid instead of letting his opponent come to him.  The next tournament he did just that it was awesome to see the improvement.  We entered him into 3 tournaments this year.  He took 3rd at one and 1st at the other two. He was so proud of his medals he won.  The season is now over until next November.  

We also signed Cole up for the really beginners class.  He enjoyed it.  I think he just enjoys the rough and tumble style of play.  That's his type of fun.  We will put him in the beginners class one more year and then he can move up to the next level.