Monday, January 19, 2015

Christmas Festivities

This year we spent Christmas Eve with the Calderwoods. We drove down and spent the afternoon playing games and ate dinner and opened our gifts since we wouldn't see them on the 25th. Car selfie with Aubrey trying to photobomb in the background. 
 Comefords showing some pda.

 Cole looks like he needs a few more minutes of sleep. I have a few traditional photos I like to take and the pre presents stairs photo is one. I got lucky and am in it this year.
 Where's my stocking?!!
 Aubrey's loot! Santa brought her a Secret Password Journal.
  Little man wanted Shark Mania, but he still won't let me call him shark bait.
 Tucker received a microscope. He really wanted to look at his boogers!
 Crazy Cole received Disney Infinity, but forgot to specify to Santa to buy it for the Wii and got it for XBox. Thankfully Santa left a receipt.
 After a fun morning of playing with presents we headed down to Great Grandpa Fosters for lunch and our white elephant trading game. Then off to Grandma and Grandpa Fosters house for more presents. Tucker and Parker received lego sets.
 All of the Foster kids pitched in and gave my Dad a big ladder to replace the scary ladder he's been using for years. Now we can feel safe when he climbs on the roof.
We had a nice small Christmas. Our big gift for our entire family is that we are headed to DisneyWorld in January for a week. Originally we were going to wait until Christmas to tell them, but decided to tell them early. We actually leave in 2 days!