Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cabin Fun

We spent the weekend up at my Grandparents cabin above Oakley. Every winter my Mom's side of the family has a snowmobiling party. I couldn't believe it when I counted and we had 47 people there! If you've ever been to the cabin you know that's a lot of people in a space that size. We had fun sledding, snowmobiling and visiting.
Cole was pretty much expressionless with all outside activities. Oh well, at least no crying was involved.

Cody hitched a ride on the back of my dad's snowmobile.

Grandpa with Aubrey, Tucker and Mckenna. Aubrey was really good at hitting the kill button everytime they drove by the barn.
My brother and Cody found this dead owl nearby. They think it had died the night before. It was pretty cool to see it up close. It had huge talons!
Cody was whipped around on the tube and had a great crash landing involving a few sideways cartwheels and goggles flying!
Cole must have been nice and snug because he fell asleep in my mom's arms.
We also celebrated Cole's birthday with my family. I made this cute snowman cake. The bottom cake turned out better than the top - taste wise - but this melting snowman is one of my favorites I've made.
Cole was born on the same day as my cousin, Jared, so we sang Happy Birthday to both of them together. After the candle was blown out, Cole took the carrot and jammed it all over the snowman's head. Tucker immediately ate the fruit-by-the-foot scarf and the cake was divided amongst us all.
It was fun to see so many family members and enjoy a beautiful winter day together.
Oh and for those of you that like stats, Cole was 21lbs. 7 oz. at his 1 year checkup. That's the 40th percentile. He's also in the 40th percentile for height and supposedly 90th for his head.


Becca and Brian said...

That is an awesome cake! Looks like a fun weekend!

The Huff Family said...

Great cake Lisa! You have always been so good at making cute cakes. I also love the picture of your mom holding Cole while he is asleep.

Clark and Liesel said...

Happy be-lated birthday Cole! THat cake is so cute! You are so creative@!

Nate and Jen Poulson said...

Cute cake!
Hey If you get some time, one of my friends here in Hershey is having to move to Baltimore for a year while her hubby does a cornea fellowship at John Hopkins.
She has a family of three and needs any advice on where to live. Her oldest will be needing to go to kindergarten. She's not LDS but seems to have a lot of them as friends so she came to me knowing with the Mormon connection there'd be someone I'd know who might be able to help her...Can you email me with any contacts or info? My email is nennypoulson@yahoo.com
Thanks! Jenny

Carson Calderwood said...

that pic of your mom is very cool. I also like the fruit by the foot scarf, very cool

Russell said...

Touching that owl is a federal offense......I'm turning you in for the reward money!!!