Monday, February 8, 2010

Ice Skating

Cody had the day off today, so we decided to take the kids ice skating at the Midway Ice Rink. It's famous because it's the biggest outdoor rink in Utah. I know, pretty impressive huh?! We were a little worried our first few minutes on the ice because of how Tucker was acting. Check out the second video. After a few times back and forth on the rink, the kids sort of got the hang of it and had fun!

Cole had a great time in the Bjorn. He loved it when Cody went fast and would laugh and smile.

The smallest skates they had were kids size 9, just a couple sizes too big for Aubrey, but she managed to learn to walk and not fall down all the time. : )
Now they are all ready to watch the Olympics!


Lisa said...

How fun! The pictures are cute of everyone. It looks like you had the whole rink to yourselves.

Emily said...

What a fun family outing! We should do that!

Amber said...

It looks like you guys had a lot of fun. I love ice skating outside. When it is cold enough they have an outdoor rink in Logan. We always loved going there growing up. Fun memories for your kids.

Burnhams said...

Fun! Lisa- your hair is so long! It looks way cute!