Friday, February 19, 2010

Because it's been awhile

I've turned into a bad picture taker. I've been making shutterfly books to document our years in Maryland and once we bought our SLR - wow the # of pictures jumped up dramatically. I feel like we took a decent amount of pictures in Colorado and now that we're back in Utah, the number keeps dropping.

We bought ourselves a small digital camera for Christmas for me to take around in the diaper bag. The intent was that I'd take more pictures, but that still doesn't happen very often. Poor Cole, there isn't nearly as much documentation of his life as Tucker and Aubrey. I'll find myself thinking, "I should grab the camera and take a picture" but do I, nope. This 4th child will probably have less too. Cole started walking the day after his 1st birthday, and I should get it on video, but that has yet to happen as well. By the time I do get around to it I'm sure he'll be cruising and won't have the cute toddle he's got now.

3 naked babies in a tub. They love the water. Cole needs to learn to sit down. He thinks it's funny to stand up. His baths don't last nearly as long as the other two because he's a wanderer. : )
One of the few times I've actually used my small digital camera on the kids. We drove down to Provo to run errands and Cole pulled off his sock and shoe and was sucking on his toes. Gross, and of course he stopped once I pulled the camera out. He has 4 cute teeth. Two on top and two on the bottom. He was definitely a late bloomer in the mouth department - didn't get his first until he was 11 months old. Oh and have you noticed his red hair? It's definitely my color.
Tucker will be banished to the back of the car when this baby comes. Speaking of baby, we go in Monday afternoon for our ultrasound. We're excited to find out the gender (hopefully). My sister finds out next Thursday what she's having - we're debating on when we'll tell our news. We might wait to publicly announce until she knows. She should have found out a couple weeks ago, but her husband won a trip to the Superbowl and Hollywood through his work, so they've been postponing it.
One of my friends is a nurse and has had to go to training meetings and work some day shifts recently. She has 3 kids and I've been watching them for her. I was in charge of a Valentine's Day party at our church one morning and hauled all 6 of them over in my pathfinder. Crazy times. I may have my kids close together, but I don't have 6 ages 5 and under! Going out and about is just not really an option when you have that many!

Things in general are going well for us. Cody's practice is slowly growing and we've been able to maintain and increase our production numbers. I pay all the bills for the practice and we recently purchased Quickbooks 2010 for home so that I don't have to drag the kids with me when I "go to work". I'm going to takeover payroll soon too. I actually really like doing this stuff and am glad I have a part in the practice. Cody was just called to be the Scoutmaster for our ward and keeps busy with that. They have their first campout tonight (Klondike - where you sleep in igloos), but the Utah Dental Convention has been going on yesterday and today, so he'll head up to the camp early tomorrow morning.

I've been feeling great with this baby. It's been my easiest pregnancy so far. I actually went to the gym 5 times this week and if it weren't for all the crap I'm eating I'm sure I'd feel great! I tried a boxing class last night that has made my arms soooo sore! It was fun to do something different though. Hopefully I can keep the exercising up through the end of the pregnancy. I know I don't necessarily get "fat," but I do gain weight in unwanted places and anything to help is good in my book.

Tucker and Aubrey are signed up for preschool this fall. Aubrey is so excited to go with Tucker (they won't really be in the same class). Life will definitely be hectic but I found classes that overlap each other. I won't have to do preschool 5 days a week, only 3.

We'll be in Mexico in 2 weeks and can't wait! It will be so nice to get away without kids and have fun in the sun. We've been planning our other vacations for the first half of the year and we're in for some good times. Vegas and Oregon are in our futures.

Well, I'm definitely blabbing on now, so have a great weekend!


Nordgren Mommy said...

I agree with you on the picture taking, we have way more pictures and videos of kaitlyn and Isaac then we have of Zachary, but I am trying to be better, it is a work in progress. Glad to hear that you pregnancy is going so well! You are an amazing women to be having a baby already! I really liked having Kaitlyn and Isaac close together, but Zachary has been a bit harder then the other two so it will be at least a few months before we will start thinking about trying for number 4. It is so fun to catch up with your family on your blog. If you ever have sometime you are down in SLC we should try to get together, I would love to see you again and catch up!

Karina & John Calderwood said...

Nothings cuter than babies in a tub! :) I HAVE to tell John that you are going to do QB from home. I drag Kelsi with me to his office and go after hours to do the books and payroll and it would be SOOOOOO nice just to do it from home. How are you going to do it? Just save it on a flash drive and take it back to his office to upload it to their QB every once in a while or just not deal with it at his office at all?? Do tell. ;)

~*Whitney*~ said...

all your kids are so stinken cute! glad things are going good with your pregnancy! For some reason I thought you were going to mexico with your kids! when i did think that i was thinking you were crazy but not anymore! everyone needs their hubby and wifey time! mm mexico i can hear it calling my name now too! cant wait to hear what you are having! I say GIRL!!!

Marisa said...

It's always fun to see pictures of your kids! Carson was saying a few days ago maybe Aspen looks like Cole with her big cheeks, since we couldn't figure out who else she looks like, but now that she's slimmed down a bit she looks more like a mix of our other kids. I'm so impressed that you're still making it to the gym so often, it was killing me so much the last couple months of my pregnancy to work out and then be completely exhausted that I totally stopped going, so now I've really got to get back! Can't wait to find out what you're having!