Thursday, February 4, 2010

I love a good deal!

Today was a great shopping day. I made my lists before heading out, gathered my coupons and scored big (at least for me)! First I went to Walgreen's purchased some needed items and not needed items (like my 2 bags of M&M's I got for $3)!
Then, this afternoon I headed to Smiths and bought $121 worth of groceries for $54! That's 67% savings. All of my coupons actually worked (sometimes they won't scan properly or I buy the wrong number of items. I was feeling pretty good about myself so I thought I'd share. I check out for tips on what coupons to use and for what's on sale. Another website I like is I get all sorts of freebies and coupons and tips from there as well. If any of you have great shopping tips, let me know!


Anonymous said...

Love your family

...but why do you guys even care what is a good deal or even free lately?

I mean come on. The head of your household is a DENTIST. Bringin' in the big bucks ya know?

Who cares what's free when you'll never have to worry about $?

Kuddos though. :)

Lettie said...

Ha ha - sorry I had to laugh at the previous comment! I've heard of millionaires that are still quite cautious about their spending (that's what helps them get there, right?)
Here's why I really started to comment - I've read a lot about people scoring big like this and think about doing it until I realize most of the deals are on things we don't buy even if they aren't things like M&M's. Have you found that you are getting things you'd buy anyway for super good bargains?

Tristina said...

Yay Lisa! Good for you! I too have grown to love couponing. Isn't it the best feeling to watch the total at the cash register go down as they scan your coupons? I love it!

Karen, Mackay, Easton & Kallie said...

your table of groceries is arranged way to nicely :P
score on the deals. good for you!

Jeremy said...

OK, Anonymous...I have a bone to pick...

YOU are RUDE! At least if you are going to post something RUDE, have some self respect and sign your post. We have a word for what you did...COWARDICE.

Furthermore...there is absolutely nothing wrong with a dentist, physician, or any other person for that matter, to exercise a little restraint and frugality.

I bet you curse the doctors who dare to drive their new BMW (or Mercedes or whatever other expensive car is your flavor)...yet in the very same breath you criticize the doctor who would seek to minimize their expenses, not live above their means, dare to save that hard earned cash that they have done without throughout their eternity of education and now SLAVE away to earn.

Perhaps the frugal dentist you now criticize would prefer to spend their cash on things more lasting, like education for their children, savings for the inevitable rainy day, a meaningful family vacation, retirement, or even a charitable contribution. Maybe this small business owner will save enough by living frugal to offer someone in this struggling economy a job.

Because you likely have little to no self restraint does not give you license to project your failures and poor judgements on those who are attempting to live a little more cautiously.

You probably voted for OBAMA and are expecting a bailout.


Jeremy Huff
(A DOCTOR, not a dentist)

dan and audrey said...

I would love to save that much on groceries! I just hate cutting coupons so badly, and often feel like I get stuff just cuz I have a coupon. oh well great for you! maybe you can teach me!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Calderwood Family,

I am sorry for causing such a commotion. I was just curious and didn't mean to be rude. I never said there was anything wrong with saving a buck or two and kudo's to you for accomplishing that.

...and no, I didn't vote for Obama.

Happy future grocery shopping!

Cody said...

Anonymous, no worries. It's all good. I'm just a real tight wad with my money and love to save, even when we have the money. No hard feelings.

~*Whitney*~ said...

you need to come and do my shopping for me with those great deals! i dont know how you do it! email me with some of your tips! do you just make your menu for what you want to eat and then find coupons according to that or do you make your menu off of whats on sale! email me!