Friday, May 30, 2008

First Day in the Springs

Cody's parents so graciously drove our children and new car from Utah to Colorado on Friday for us. They arrived around 9:30 pm and man, Cody and I were so excited to see them. It had been 8 days without them. That's by far the longest we've been without the kids. Oh and we love our new car as well!
Saturday morning we unpacked some more and then drove to the top of Pikes Peak. For those that don't know, the peak is 14,110 feet high and you can actually drive to the top. We weren't quite prepared for the 18 degree windy weather at the top though!

It is so gorgeous! When we first drove into Colorado Springs I have to admit I wasn't very impressed. The mountains were impressive but I really missed all the trees of Maryland. Each day this place is growing on me though and I love it now. I just had to get used to the desert, mountainous area again.
Saturday also happened to be Cody's dad, Mickey's, birthday, my mom, Susan's, birthday and my sister, Heather's, birthday. We were able to celebrate with Mickey. We bought him a lighter that is in the shape of a rifle. As a hunter, he thought that was pretty neat. Happy Birthday to all 3!


Lettie said...

When I read that you were on the top of a peak I somehow skipped the drove part and was amazed that Cody hiked that far with Tucker! Ha ha! Beautiful pictures. I think that Colorado is prettier than Utah (well, Utah does have the awesome southern part). I would like to live there. It is close enough to the middle of the country that nothing is too far away and it is just pretty. Anyway, glad to hear you guys made it safe and are starting to settle into "home."