Saturday, August 8, 2015

Summer lovin', havin' a blast

Every year my dad gets tickets to a Bees game through his work. It's a fun family outing to the ballpark. Kristin and Chris join us as well for the fun.  The kids really enjoy. Even though they don't quite understand the game yet, they love the atmosphere, the snacks, and the chance to be with their grandparents.

Blake and Cole wanted so badly to have me take their picture with the Bee mascot.

We also have been doing more boating. Blake has impressed us this year and is no longer fearful of the water, the tube, or swimming.

We signed up the two little boys for a swimming class in Heber to help them with the skills. They really enjoyed it.

The kids also have been busy earning brag tags, a local Heber activity that allows the kids to get some tags for getting out and doing things around town.  One night we took them over to the local race series at Euclid. Tucker, Aubrey and Cole competed in their age classes and did great.

We have found time to make it up the canyon and do some dutch oven cooking and marshmallow roasting. One night our good friends the Ashursts joined us.

I love living where we do. The mountain flowers are so beautiful. I am a lucky man to be surrounded by so much beauty.

We also had a get together with some of our good friends from dental school. When we started dental school 11 years ago there were only 3 kids in our big group of friends. Now we have well over 30. Here are some of them at the get together we had at the Starleys house up in Ogden. It's crazy to see how much our little group has grown.

I started a morning boating group with some neighborhood guys that own boats. We rotate whose boat we take and do some skiing, wakeboarding and surfing. We usually wake up at 5:30 and are on the lake by 6:00. We have been treated to some amazing sun rises. After skiing for a little over an hour I am usually off the lake by 7:15 and headed home to get ready for work. It's such a huge benefit to live within 10 minutes of some great lakes for boating.

One morning I had a really nasty wipeout on the slalom ski. My friend Lorin was able to capture with his camera.

We even got Lisa out one evening and got her surfing. 
Needless to say, boating is a very big part of our summers. We love, love, love getting out on the lake. The kids are all getting better and all of them enjoy the outings. They love to swim, jump off the back of the boat, go tubing, and go water skiing. It's a great family activity.