Saturday, August 29, 2015

Daytrip to Dinosaur

We took a day trip to Dinosaur National Park the Saturday before school started. It was a 3.5 hour drive, but well worth it. We ate lunch in Vernal and headed over to the visitor center. The tram took us up to the fossil quarry. The kids took some great pictures on their camera of the fossils inside. After enjoying the many fossils in the quarry, we took the 1. 5 mile hike down and saw some dinosaur bones still in the mountain side. The temperatures were climbing up to the mid 90's and our water was in the car so we were happy to get back inside. We watched the movie on the park and took the scenic route drive.

This dinosaur is an Allosaurus. 

This is a Camposaurus.

One of the most in tact dinosaur skulls in the world.

A baby stegasaurus.

There were many petryglyphs to see along the scenic drive, so we stopped and checked them out.

 We searched for a long time for the famous lizard on one wall. Only to discover it was not there. 

 It was around the corner, with multiple other lizards. 
 It was so large you could see it from the car up high on the cliff. 
 The views were beautiful. 
 On our way home, we drove by the Vernal Utah LDS temple. I believe it is one of the few temples that is not white. Still beautiful, with the grounds well kept.
We have now checked off another National Park off our list.