Saturday, August 8, 2015

Grant family reunion

The Grant family reunion was held at the Reid Ranch again this year from July 9-11th. Tucker and Aubrey has their piano lessons in the morning before we headed up. We live the closest to the ranch. My parents were driving up with Heather and her kids and they met us at our house and my Mom hopped in our car. We saw baby Bailey for the first time and drove up to the ranch. We arrived in time for lunch and check in. My brother Spencer is the manager their this year.
Every year my uncle Bruce helps the kids make paper rockets and they launch them after breakfast. You can see Aubrey, Blake and Cole in this picture. 
 They rode the ponies, Lady and Tramp. (safety comes first at the ranch)

 We had terrible weather all weekend that kept us cooped up in the lodge most of the time. Thunderstorms and hail, but it gave us a chance to visit and the kids time to play games and to get to know one another better. My grandparents had 7 kids, 26 grandchildren and I believe 45 or 46 great grandchildren with one on the way. There are 100 of us total. Not bad for a posterity. 
 They had fun swimming in the pool. Now that we don't have Grandpa Foster's pool to swim in, it was their one chance to go swimming in an outdoor swimming pool. Blake swam a couple times. It was cold, but we've been in the lake so much that they loved it. 

 Our last day, the 11th, was Blake's 5th birthday. Cody had to work Thursday and Friday. He drove up after work on Friday and picked up this awesome balloon at Day's Market for Blake. We surprised him with it Saturday morning. He loved it and we tied it to him so it wouldn't float away like lasts years balloon. 
 Aubrey and new cousin baby Bailey. 
 I made him an orange Funfetti cake the next day and we invited the Calderwoods up for dinner to celebrate. It's exciting and crazy to think my baby is 5.