Saturday, August 8, 2015

Camping Father's Day weekend

I finished radiation on Monday, June 15th. My radiation team is awesome and they gave me a bottle of sparkling cider and a certificate to commemorate my success. I figured it out and I drove 1674 miles total that I had my treatment. It was so nice being independent and having the freedom to take myself this time around. Cody did drive me on his days off. With my first tumor I had to be driven because of my seizures. I have grown to love the view of Provo Peak. With the extremely wet May we had in Utah it was nice to see how green the canyon was. 
 Father's Day weekend our family went camping up the soapstone basin with the Calderwoods. Since we no longer have a camping trailer we were able to utilize our tents. I love being in the mountains and watching the kids use their imaginations. The become completely unplugged without any electronics.
 Cody received this hammock from his employees for Christmas and we found 2 perfect trees to hang it in. Someone always seemed to be relaxing.

 Mickey and Cerola surprised the kids with this mini 4-wheeler. All of them but Blake were able to ride it. Blake isn't quite ready for the power in the throttle. We had the perfect campsite with a roundabout that they used. And they did go around and around and around taking turns every 30 minutes or so.

 Kristin and Chris drove up and they spent some time with us as well. We shot some guns, rode the razor and 4-wheelers, and enjoyed the Uintahs.

 If you can't find Cole, look up. He's typically up a tree. It makes for a very sappy, happy boy.