Monday, January 19, 2015

Braving the Blizzard

Tucker had a wrestling meet in the morning and then we decided to go cut down our Christmas trees with Mickey and Cerola. We took our permits and drove out west of Heber to find our perfect Griswald trees. Once we were out of private property area we stopped our vehicles and Cody, Mickey and Aubrey braved the storm and set off with chain saws and tape measure into the forest.  After what seemed like forever this is the scene I was able to capture with my phone camera. It was a blizzard and Aubrey was running along, freezing while the men carried two trees back to the truck.

 We have vaulted ceilings so we always pick big tall trees. Mickey picked a little one for their front room. We had icicles falling off for a day or so.
I let the kids completely decorate our tree this year. After Cody put the lights on, they happily put every decoration we own on. I tried to be sneaky and take their picture from upstairs, but they saw me.