Thursday, May 30, 2013

Piano recital

I have found piano to be a little therapeutic for me this year. I wanted to be in my Dad's recital again. I stopped playing after my diagnosis last year. Unfortunately, Tucker stopped too. It just couldn't happen. I wasn't supposed to drive and how was I to get to our lessons? My Dad gave me some songs a few months ago, and I found some old ones in my piano folder. I began practicing and my Dad said I could be in the recital. Aubrey wanted to learn so I finally sat down and showed her a few notes so that she could play a song in one of Tucker's piano books. She caught on quickly and so I had her learn an actual song for the recital. Tucker was bummed that he couldn't be in it too, but if you don't practice, then you don't get to play. Maybe next time buddy. The recital was on May 22nd. My Dad always has his band play along with the students. It's fun and helps to mask mistakes like mine. : )
Aubrey played Mary had a Little Lamb.
 My brothers daughter was also in the recital and Kevin's wife, Lisa, took some photos for me too. I wsa trying to video and take pictures at the same time. That doesn't work so well.
I played The Prayer.
 My Dad always ends the recital with a number of his own. He's pretty awesome and does it all. Teaches, performs, tunes and has a band.

 We are lucky to take from the best!


Laurel said...

Awesome Lisa! Piano is one of those things I always wish I had the hand eye coordination for. I love the sound of piano music! Your dad makes it look so effortless!