Friday, May 17, 2013

Field Trip to the Dairy

Cole had a field trip to the dairy farm back in April. I took Aubrey along too, probably Blake too, I really don't remember. It is right down the road from our house. We've gone a couple times to get ice cream. Aubrey's kindergarten teachers family owns the place.

 We learned about different types of cows. The black and white cows are Holstein.
 They were able to feed Geraldine carrots. He is the only steer on the farm and kept separate from all the other cows. He's really big and his long wet tongue got the kids a few times.
 After learning how the milk is processed the kids were each given ice cream. Apparently my kids don't know how to eat ice cream very well. Cole kept eating from the side and bottom of the cone.
 My little baby slipped into a chair at McDonald's while I was in Maryland and is face is slowly recovering.