Sunday, June 9, 2013

Memorial Day weekend

This Memorial Day weekend we had the opportunity to go camping with family (my mom and dad) and friends (the Blakes and the Humbles) in the west desert of Utah.  We went out past Delta to camp, and at the suggestion of Mike (Holly's husband) picked a sweet spot away from the crowds in a beautiful location.  Mike grew up near Delta and would go here often with his family.
This a view of our group campsite that we established.  Again, what a great spot.

There were a bunch of cliffs to the west of our campsite that provided some spectacular views.

We even got see a some groups of wild horses in the area.

And the cacti were in blossom.

Saturday morning we went and dug for trilobites with the kids.  They absolutely loved it.

Here are a few samples of their success.

One of the best ones we found.

After going back to camp for lunch, we made the long trek out to Lehman Caves and Great Basin National Park.

We  went on a guided tour of the caves

How can you not love that smile?

A family photo of the Calderwoods.

A few of the other people in our group.  It was great catching up with Cassie and Jordan.  They lived by us during our short stint in Colorado Springs.

This is what they called "cave bacon".  When you shine a light on it, it looks like bacon.  Mmmmm.....bacon.

After the cave tour we went into the tiny town of Baker, Nevada and got some pizza for dinner.  The sun was setting on the way back to camp and we caught some really cool photos.  This one is of Notch Peak.

A cool view of the Sevier Lake bed.

The next morning we went out to the cliffs and did some skeet shooting.

My dad, getting ready to slay some clay pigeons.

The kids spent the vast majority of their time catching lizards.  There were plenty to find around our campsite.  Here Tucker and Colby demonstrate a few of the lizards they caught.

How appropriate is this t-shirt?  Blake really did love getting in the dirt and just digging.

That night my dad and I made an awesome dutch oven dinner of chicken and potatoes to celebrate his 60th birthday (which was on Friday).  It was delicious.

Then after dinner we went and built up the campfire for the evening.  I burned a couple boxes of old patient charts that needed to be destroyed.

When we busted out the s'mores, the kids were delighted.

Cassie and Aubrey posing with their giant marshmallows.

A good picture of Jordan and his kids and Erin and her kids at the campfire.

I think poor Blake stood there for about 40 minutes trying to roast his marshmallow.  He wouldn't go very close to the fire though, so it was a slow process.

A cool view of the sunset bathed peak behind our campsite.

Tucker and Blake enjoying breakfast in our trailer on Memorial Day.

There were lots and lots of 4-wheeler rides with grandpa.  They couldn't get enough of that.

And Aubrey was so proud that she caught her own lizard too.

Like all trips, this one unfortunately had to come to an end.  The kids were so exhausted that they quickly fell asleep on the drive home.  Well, except for Tucker, that is.

It was another successful and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend with family and friends.  Now on to our many other adventures this summer.


Laurel said...

I can't believe you were in Nevada and you didn't call. ;)

That's a cool area to spend a weekend.

Marisa said...

That looks awesome, I wish we could have gone with you!

It was super fun to hang out with your kids last weekend, my kids had a blast!

J to the oey said...

Leave it to the calderwoods to explore every last corner of Utah. Love seeing your cute kids getting so old. Way to still blog. Bloggers are a dying breed. Stay cute and cool this summer.