Friday, May 17, 2013

Blake, bums and ballet

Blake is a little ham when he gets his picture taken. We don't normally take pictures in the tub, or naked at all, but he really wanted me to take his picture.
 Then he flipped over and insisted in his whiny 2 year old voice to take a picture of his bum. Good thing it's so cute!
 And then whenever we are dressed he grabs the comb and we brush his hair. I have a feeling he's going to be a little heart breaker.
 Aubrey is taking ballet and actually has her first recital tonight and tomorrow. My Mom made her this skirt for her birthday. She loves it and proudly wears it each week.
 After dropping Aubrey off at dance one evening I drove the kids around the east side of Heber and we saw all these deer in a field. Its funny how we see deer on an almost daily basis but they don't get sick of them. I'm waiting for the day when we hit one. I don't plan on it, but we have a dense deer/turkey population in the mountains.


Anonymous said...

Great little bum