Friday, May 17, 2013

Provo City Half Marathon

At the very end of March a Groupon came out for a huge discount on the Provo City Half and Full Marathon. Normally you can pay up to $100 for a race, but this was only going to be $35. I figured why not, I have a month. I signed up and convinced 2 other friends to as well. The Sunday before the race they told me that they weren't going to run because they weren't prepared. I wasn't prepared either but knew that I could do it. 
I talked my friend and neighbor, Brooke, to run in one of their places instead. We got up at 4 am to make it down to Provo before the last bus took the runners to the starting point at South Fork park up Provo Canyon. It was a cold morning and even though fires were going in the fire pits, there were too many people to get close enough to the warmth. We dropped jackets and gloves along the way.
The race was giving all proceeds to cancer research and since I'm a survivor I thought it was fitting for me to run the race. I embroidered "Cancer Survivor" on the back of a running shirt. It's crooked so I'm standing off to make it look straight. I had a few people tell me good job and asked what kind of cancer it was as I ran along.

 Brooke kicked butt and finished 30 minutes before me with a time of 1:44. I finished in 2:16. My legs were beat for a few days following the race, but I'm happy with my time considering my lack of training. My goal is to someday get under 2 hours. I was really close 5 years ago. Best time ever is 2:03. Someday, I have lots of races ahead of me.
Next big race for me is the Big Cottonwood Marathon in September. I'll be running a couple 5 and 10K's in between while I train all summer long. I'm excited to start riding my bikes too. I took a road bike ride a week ago and the trails are almost dry so that I can mountain bike again.
 I'm really just truly grateful that I can exercise at all. I've been so blessed.


Whitney Hemmert said...

Good job! I'm such a slow runner it would take me about three hours to run a half. Well I might be able to run faster in Utah with no wind resistance and lower elevation. But good job!

Marisa said...

That's amazing that you are healthy enough to run a half marathon! I am seriously impressed!