Thursday, April 25, 2013

Quick trip to Charm City, aka Baltimore

I had the opportunity to fly to Maryland over the weekend to perform in a dance production called StepDance.
I taught clogging at an Irish dance studio called Teelin while living in Baltimore. This is the 4th time they have flown me back to either teach or perform with them. I was able to do both this trip. I performed in a number I taught years ago and also taught workshops for a few hours another day. I forget how much I loved/love clogging until I'm back in my shoes and on stage.
I flew out Friday morning, got my rental car and settled into my hotel for a little bit. Then I met up with the director and owner of the studio to review the dance and make sure I was prepared.
Saturday morning I drove down the capitol beltway and went to the castle in the sky. The Washington DC temple looks just like the picture below. It's like the city of OZ as you round the corner and there's the beautiful white castle/temple rising from the ground.
 The flowers are always beautiful around any temple, but spring was definitely in the air back east.
 These gorgeous pink blossoms dotted the grounds.
One of my cousins lives in Arlington, VA and we were able to meet up for some lunch. He was such a gentleman and even paid. Thanks Jason!

 After lunch I drove back to my hotel to gather my things for the upcoming show. I shared a dressing room with 3 other women who were also guest artists. We had fun getting acquainted throughout the day. We practiced a whole bunch, tried to do a run through on stage and finally at 7:30 the show began. My number was in the second act, so I really did a lot of waiting around. But I got to spend time with this cute girl, Kelly. She is the first clogger I taught at Teelin. We did a duet together and have kept in touch throughout the years. We both have red hair and she's an awesome dancer. She was only 12 when I first began teaching her and now she's 21. Time flies by.
 This is Maureen. She owns the Teelin School of Irish Dance. I cut and edit almost all her music and she is the brilliant mind behind the productions she puts on. I've been blessed to know her and be a part of her team. If only I had some Irish dance skills, we'd be a great duo.
 After the production there was a cast party where I was offered wine and beer multiple times and met other people from my past. I got back to my hotel after midnight. Sunday morning I had to wake up early to make it to 9:00 church an hour away. I attended the ward we moved from up in Hampstead. After mingling with some friends I went to visit my friend Cathy and her family. Her due date was that day, but no baby girl has shown herself yet. She flew out to visit me last August and I was happy to go see her - although sad I didn't get to meet baby girl. Next time!
 After visiting with friends I drove down to the dance studio to teach 3 workshops. Here's a little example of what I was doing. 

After workshops I was invited to dinner at one of my dancers homes. They fed me a delicious dinner and we talked for hours. This is Abby. She is one of my Irish Cloggers as well. All but one of my dancers are in or will be beginning college this fall. Abby's Mom spoiled me rotten. They live out in Glenelg on a few acres of beautiful countryside.
 I had a fabulous time although I can't wait to go back someday with my family. Cody had a dental conference in Arizona that he attended the same week and we just couldn't afford a $500 plane ticket for one of our kids to tag along. Aubrey would have loved all the dancing and attention. I flew home Monday afternoon. Thanks to my Mom and Cerola for helping with the kids again while I was gone. We couldn't do much without them.


Lettie said...

I just watched both videos. You are awesome.

Marisa said...

I'm jealous that you got to go to the Hampstead Ward, that would be so fun!

Tiffany said...

Seeing pics of the temple, and the beauty there takes my breath away. I miss it, especially in the fall and spring!