Thursday, April 25, 2013

Put Me In The Zoo

I decided to try something new this year and buy a zoo membership to the Hogle Zoo. I purchased the pass and headed down on April 1st, a rare Monday off of school, with the kids. I met up with my good friend, Maquel and her kids. I went with Tucker and his kindergarten class last year on a field trip and the week after we went, they opened the new Rocky Shores exhibit. The kids had fun watching the polar bears and other animals play and swim around.
 I bought a punch card to use on the carousel. A favorite for the kiddos.

 A rare look at the peacock with it's feathers spread.
 Ugly turkey.
 Baby giraffe. Nothing compared to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs, but still fun for the kids.
 Budding photographer. Carries his camera everywhere.
 It was a very nice day at the zoo. A little cool and we got a thunderstorm after we left. But, there weren't very many people and the kids had fun. Looks like we'll be attending the zoo frequently over the next year. Let us know if you want to join in the fun.


Dan & Heather Pelfrey said...

Ah man! I wish I was down there so we could go to the zoo together! Ethan talks about Blakey and Aubrey all the time! We miss you guys! Looks like you had fun!