Sunday, March 6, 2011

Midway Ice Castles

 We had the opportunity to drive by and go through the Midway Ice Castles a bunch of times this year. Last year the castles were at the Zermatt Resort and this year they were at the town square in Midway (where Swiss Days is held.) I worked the booth and was the photographer on Thursday nights for the month of February. I worked with one of my friends and had fun in the ice! I took this picture the middle of January at the castles and it really is amazing how much they grew week to week. (Oh and I don't claim to be a great photographer, I just happen to have a nice camera.) 
My brother's family took some pictures of the kids when they went through at the end of January. Below is Aubrey and Mckenna racing through one of the castles you can walk through.
My Mom and a bunch of grandkids.
Tucker and Aubrey's preschool had a field trip to the castles. This is Tucker's class with his teacher, Miss Tonya plus Aubrey.
 An attempted picture with the kids and me in front of a castle.
 Tucker and his best bud, Skyler.
 If you live in Utah and didn't make it up to see them, do it next year. I'm pretty sure they'll be in Midway again, if not, somewhere in Park City. They are beautiful and unique!


Laurel said...

Such a cool thing to go see! Makes me want to make my own ice castle!