Monday, February 28, 2011

Ode to the Olpins

This is for our neighbors, the Olpins.  One of my all time favorite Will Ferrell skits.


noelle said...

Except we are yelling at F to," "hurry up and jump off the shed, (so I can get a good video). If you get hurt it's your own fault!"
We are ALWAYS trying to impress the Calderwoods... whatever it takes!!
The funny thing about this skit, is that all of the characters actually resemble us.

You guys are rad.

Russell said...

Anyone who grew up in a Calderwood family would not even be phased by this event. We have all heard or yelled "Get off the shed" and had the belt taken off on our behalf!!

Sara said...

Laughing in the floor now! I really feel ripped off they live by you and not us!