Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cole is 2!

 Cole turned 2 on January 26th! We celebrated his birthday the Saturday before with the relatives. I made him a train cake this year. It looked super cute on the Betty Crocker website, but I swear everything kept going wrong for me while I was making it. Cole's face says it all though - he could care less what it looked like. He knew it was a train and that's all that matters.
 Cole received awesome gifts from everyone.  Cody and I gave him this train table picture below. My friend Laura was getting rid of hers and she offered to sell it to me. Talk about a steal! For $15 we got the table and all the toys. All the kids love it!
 On Cole's actual birthday he was pretty sick. I wanted to take him to free day at the zoo, but I had to take him to the doctor the night before. He had an ear infection, bacterial conjunctivitis, and thrush. We hung out at home and played instead.
Tucker and I have started taking piano lessons from my Dad. It's been over 15 years since I last took and I've really been wanting to get back into it. My one goal I didn't accomplish last year was to be in one of his piano recitals. This year it'll happen. We are actually taking lessons and practicing. Tucker amazes each time he practices because he remembers so much. My Dad was a little leery of starting him this young, but he's doing great. The theory part is hard for me, but I'm coming along and having fun. My goal is to be able to open up the hymn book and be able to play with both hands and not just my right. My Dad is tuning my piano in the picture, that and fixing it. My kids love to pound on it and we had a couple stuck keys. My Dad is a certified piano technician, so if any of you need your piano tuned or repaired you should give him a call. He'll travel almost anywhere. 1-801-255-TUNE or check his website out at


Katie said...

we are so twins. same exact cake for luke when he turned two. and same exact train table. i think your cake turned out really cute!

Katie said...

happy birthday cole!

about the piano.... you think he would come tune mine??? ;-)