Monday, February 28, 2011


 Last fall Lisa and I went to the Warren Miller movie and got two free tickets to ski at the Canyons.  This past Friday we took Tucker up with us (kids ski free at the Canyons) to give him some more skiing experience.  For only his second time out, he did great.  He's really starting to enjoy and look forward to skiing more with us, which is exciting for us as parents to share something we love to do.  I think we'll put him in one more lesson before the year ends, and then he should be able to go down any green and most blues.

This smile pretty much sums up how he felt being out with us.

The proud mommy.

Sideways photo that I can't seem to correct, but hey, just turn your head and you can enjoy it too.

Here's a cool video of Tucker skiing down the hill.  I had to laugh that he skied right over some dude's skis.  Not very courteous, but pretty funny when it's a 5 year old with his arms out like a scare crow.

Through some trade work I've been able to get some ski passes to Deer Valley this year.  Lisa and I went up today, just the two of us.  We love Deer Valley, but I don't know if we'd go there if it weren't for the free passes.  I'm too much of a tight wad to pay that much money.
Now that I have bought Lisa some new ski boots, she is able to better work on her skiing technique.  Her old boots were ill-fitting and quite old, so they didn't allow her to ski properly.  With her new boots, she started to figure out how it's done.  She is skiing the blue runs much more confidently and comfortably now.  It's like the light bulb went on for her.  Now we just need to get her up there more frequently.  Soon she'll be tackling the black diamonds with me.

It was a great weekend of snow skiing and makes me so happy to have these great resorts right in our backyard.


Marisa said...

That was so cute! Makes me excited to go skiing next week!

Amber said...

So fun! It is such a great activity to do with the family. It is fun to see Tucker enjoying it.

PS- we need to get together sometime soon now that it is warming up.

Craig and Erin said...

Hey guys! Love the posts! We want to invite you to the last day at Beaver in Logan (just like old times) with your parents on March 26. Craig and his parents are hanging in the lodge with my mom and little ones while my dad, baylee and i are skiing! We would love for all the Calerdwoods to join us!
Sure love ya,
Craig and Erin

Karina & John Calderwood said...

Your son ski's SO much better than I do! LOL!