Sunday, August 29, 2010

Trial Lake Camping

Last weekend we were able to go camping up in the Uintah's at Trial Lake. I grew up camping there every year as a child, so I was excited to go back and take my kids. Cody's family planned the trip and it was fun to see a bunch of his cousins that we rarely see. We went up Thursday evening and earlier that day Tucker was stung by a bee at a friends house. His poor face was all swollen and looked even worse the next day.
Cody and I slept in the tent on the back of the truck with Blake and the older kids slept in the 5th wheel with G&G Calderwood. It was really cold the first night we were there and I didn't get much sleep due to the fact that it was so cold. Cody and I drove home to sleep the next night and came back early the next morning. It's nice living a lot closer to mountain activities!
We brought bikes and scooters along and the kids made some new friends as they wheeled around the circle.
Roasting marshmallows with their second cousins.
Blake's first camping experience.
Cole can still be found pushing his trusty dump truck around. He LOVES that thing!
They kids tried their luck at fishing at Trial Lake but it was super crowded and we didn't have a boat to go out on the lake. The next day we went for a drive though and Tucker was able to catch a fish with Cody.
Saturday morning we hiked up to Wall Lake. It's only a 1 mile hike to the lake and Tucker and Aubrey did great.
Cole relaxing in his carrier.
We did the hike with Cody's cousin Curt and his wife and 2 children.
Tucker made it to the lake first!


Dan & Heather Pelfrey said...

It looks like you guys had a lot of fun! We'd love make a trip up there next year!

Carson Calderwood said...

Sweet memories of wall lake after reading that!