Sunday, August 22, 2010

Always playing catch up it seems

I guess 4 kids has been keeping me busy! I'm a bit behind in the blogging world. Here is a picture of my cute boys, taken back on 8/4. Blake definitely looks a lot like Tucker. Cole is looking like he doesn't belong in this picture. I love my little redhead though! : )
I've seen cute pictures with all the kids feet lined up.  Here's my attempt. Cole wasn't sitting still for it, and when he was lying down, he'd kick whoever was next to him. Oh well, the 3 feet are cute anyway.
My kids are getting excited for Halloween.
Heather and Dan gave us this Ikea bookshelf that I finally put together. Our office FINALLY doesn't sport diaper boxes. It's been 2 years and it's so nice to have a place for things. It's not organized exactly the way I want it yet, but it's such a huge improvement, and you can't pass up free stuff!
Blake is chunking up. This was taken 8/14, so he was 1 month old. I can't believe that 6 weeks have gone by since I gave birth to this guy. You count down the weeks and days for so long leading up to having a baby and then the time flies by. I have my checkup tomorrow and I can't wait to start running again and hitting the gym. I'll feel so much better getting my muscles moving and losing more of this baby weight.
All of us are doing well at home. Cody is gearing up for Swiss Days in less than 2 weeks. It consumes his life for an entire week. If you come up to it, let us know, we'd love to see you. In my spare time I've been making hooded towels to prepare for Swiss Christmas. I started months ago so that I won't have as much to do in November. Tucker and Aubrey start preschool after Labor Day and are super excited. We are understanding Cole more and more lately. He's learned quite a few new words and is so fun to have around. He is all boy and loves to wrestle anyone! Blake is consistently sleeping 5 hours for his first stretch at night. Last night was 6 hours and I'm hoping it will continue to get longer. I'm sad that summer is almost over, it went by too quickly for me, but fall is my favorite season, so bring it on!


AJ and Jayne said...

I already told Cody via Facebook but we will be there on Sept.4.

Lisa said...

Very cute pictures!! I love the one with Blake smiling. We missed you guys on Saturday. Heather told me Blake has gotten so chubby. You can plan on us coming up for swiss days.

Dan & Heather Pelfrey said...

I love that picture of the boys' feet! So cute! I love Blake's little smile too-we need to take new pictures of Blake and Ethan! Dan and I will be down for Swiss Days the afternoon of the 4th.