Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cool Cosmetic Cases

I just did an amazing cosmetic case today, and it motivated me to post some of the photos on here. The last set of photos is the case I finished today, but I'll start with some older ones first.

This guy came in to us because his wife really wanted his smile improved. He is 80 years old, and has some old, broken down teeth and old crowns that needed to be replaced due to recurrent decay.

They only wanted to do the upper teeth for now, but will do the lowers down the road. They look so awesome now. They look so natural too.

The gums are a little inflamed in this photo because I had just finished removing the excess cement. When you look at those uppers, you can't tell they aren't natural. Pretty gorgeous, huh? Now to clean those lowers.

Another lady came in to our office to fix an old, ugly bridge. These crowns and the bridge are kind of common for what many labs and dentists do. They look bulky and very opaque. You can't see any transluscency at the incisal edge. They just scream out "fake"!
Don't they look like marshmallows stuck on the teeth?

The final product is so much better. They look so natural. The two teeth on the sides of what we did will be getting veneers down the road, but the 5 that we did look beautiful. She was extremely happy with the results.

This guy told us that he rarely smiles because of "The Grand Canyon going between my front teeth." I suggested braces to close the gap, but he didn't want to do orthodontics. We then decided to pursue crowns (veneers wouldn't have been stable enough).

I was really nervous that we weren't going to be able to close the space without the teeth looking like horse teeth. He has a 6mm diastema, which is huge in dental terms. I also was afraid that we would have a "black triangle" between #8 and #9 due to insufficient gingiva. I worked closely with the lab on this case to make it turn out great.

The final product is phenomenal. He couldn't stop smiling.

His upper lip was still numb so you can't see his real smile accurately yet, but when he comes back in 3 weeks we will take a final photo. It's cases like this that make me so pumped to be a dentist.


adventure knitter said...

seriously you have a gross job! teeth make me so squeemish. good thing you like what you do!

Karen said...

wow cody, good job! Those crowns look so awesome and I can see why your patients would be so pleased!

The Hunsakers said...

Okay, so now I need to come get you to close my gap in my front teeth. If you can fix his you can definitely fix my little one.

Dayna said...

How did you close that huge gap? I had one of those gaps growing up, not as big, but it was a pain to fix. I think my youngest is going to have a huge one as well. I was just curious what you did to bring them together without braces? Did you do Vaneers? Great job on all the cases. They look awesome! I was an ortho assitant for almost two years, so I have seen my share of scary teeth. These were awesome cases to share. Thanks!

Becca and Brian said...

Wow! that must be so fulfilling to make some one want to smile all the time that guy with the gap looks amazing! Great job!

Kevin said...

Nice! So if I ever end up looking like a hill billy you'll fix me up real good right?

Laurel said...

Wow! That is really cool!

~*Whitney*~ said...

Very nice work! They all look awesome!

Russell said...


oh wait...... I re-read the post, the first pictures are the BEFORE..... now I get it.

Karina & John Calderwood said...

AWESOME!!!! Disgusting...but AWESOME!!