Tuesday, November 17, 2009

O' Christmas Tree

A week and a half ago I stood in line at Soldier Hollow to get a coveted Christmas Tree permit. They only give out 1000 a day, for 2 days. My friend and I arrived at 8:30 and received one of the last 25 left. How awesome is it that for $10 you can go cut down a fresh Christmas tree in the mountains?!! Yesterday we picked up Cody's parents truck, my Mom and a chainsaw and headed up to the Soapstone Basin. On our way we saw a bobcat, coyote and of course some deer. After looking at several beauties we settled on this one. It was probably 18 feet to start with, but we cut it down a bit to fit our 11 foot ceilings in our family room.

Our kids have been sick, so they spent most of the time in the truck, but they came out after we cut it. I love Cole's toothless grin.
All ready to take her home.
I've always loved how in the movies Christmas trees are in the front window all lit up and decorated. We have a house that let's us do that. Hmm, how many women does it take to tell Cody how to string Christmas lights?
Unfortunately we only own 2 strands of Christmas lights, so we'll need to make a trip to the store to complete our tree. The top 1/3 is the only part covered. It looks great though and we are so excited for our first real tree. It smells great! We are headed to Seattle for Thanksgiving so we thought we'd better get our tree now, on one of Cody's days off. It should last for a couple months since it was only cut down yesterday. I love this time of year!


Karen, Mackay, Easton & Kallie said...

i didn't know you could cut down a tree and have it last for that long...that's cool :) it looks great!

Susan said...

That is so awesome!! I'm excited for pics of your finished tree!

Jenny Alama said...

how fun is that! i've never gone to the mountains to get a christmas tree before. how perfect! can't wait to see it all done and pretty!

Carson Calderwood said...

That tree looks huge! Funny how a larger house keeps finding things you don't have enough of. We did the same thing last year with a wider tree that needed a couple extra strands.

Russell said...

WOW that's early!!!
I love cutting fresh trees though for christmas. They are cheaper, stay green all through the holidays, and smell awesome. Here in Nevada (yes Nevada has trees you can cut) I always get a $3 permit from the BLM and cut a pinion pine. They are very arromatic (they do drip sap sometimes though). Anyway, Awsome tree guys!! I doubt an 11 footer would fit in may place, even if I installed it sideways!

Katie Clifford said...

That is so fun! One of my favorite Christmas memories of when I was little was the year we went and cut down our own tree... believe me when I tell you that this is something your kids will remember!

Autumn and Mitch said...

I have cut down my own tree a few times and its the best. Plus you don't have to deal with as many needles cause your tree isn't so dead by the end of the season.