Sunday, August 30, 2009

A tale of two cabins....

Last Sunday we got together with Lisa's entire family and both sets of grandparents to celebrate her brother Spencer's 16th birthday. We had a shin-dig up at the cabin and had a great time doing normal cabin activities. We didn't take a whole lot of photos, but here are a few:

Come on guys, leave the technology and phones at home, you're in the mountains!

We played some games, which included some card games. This picture could have been useful to know her hand during that round.

Those aren't Rook cards I see, Susan!

Hmmmm, now that I have photographic evidence of this I guess that we won't have to listen to any lectures about playing with face cards anymore. Woo hoo!

Monday morning Lisa, the kids and I went down to the river to do a little fishing.

Aubrey still doesn't quite understand what it is all about, but she likes to try anyway.

Tucker loves to fish, but as of yet still does not have much patience if the fishing is slow.

Yesterday we drove up to Logan to spend the day with Heather and Dan. We ended up taking a drive over to Bear Lake to enjoy the fine weather, scenery, and to have a raspberry shake. I must admit, we have the coolest state sign I have seen in this country, and I have been to most of the states.

Here is a view of the lake. The pictures can't do it justice, but the color of blue in Bear Lake is just so beautiful. It is almost as brilliant as the caribbean blue. What a cool lake.

Dan and Heather love to look at a bunch of the open house cabins around Bear Lake. They hope to have one of their own someday up there, and they took us around to a few of their favorites.
It was a fun day with Dan and Heather. Congrats on your new toy, we like it alot. Oh, and for the record, the raspberry shakes at Bear Lake can't compare to the raspberry shakes at the Dairy Keen here in our valley. If you want the best raspberry shakes in the state, come to Heber. Mmmmm, shakes......


AJ, PharmD said...

I wonder how the berry shakes from Dairy Keen compare with Burgerville berry shakes? Burgerville is a Pacific Northwest chain that has seasonal shakes depending on the berry in season. We've been to Dairy Keen a number of times but I've never had a berry one from there. Neither are close to me anyway so boo hoo!

Karen, Mackay, Easton & Kallie said...

funny about the cards cause i thought the same thing when i saw sue with them! :) guess everyone changes since i have heard her say crap too! i can't believe spencer is i know i am old...and like usual, i miss the cabin...i think the most fun i had up there was when we got pulled by the snomobile on snowboards...and when chad thomas ran into the tree! :) Good times!