Sunday, August 9, 2009

Playing Catch up

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of stress mixed with some fun. Cody explained in one of our last posts that I've been helping out at his office. It's been a great experience to see what goes on in the office, learn Quickbooks, catch up and fix problems from bills in the past, learn to be a dental assistant and spend time with Cody...I mean Dr. Calderwood! It totally brought back memories from my 1 working year at PMP in Maryland.

This past week I was in Maryland teaching clogging workshops. Unfortunately when we moved last year, the only clogging teacher in the state moved as well. At least the only Clogging teacher that doesn't clog with a big puffy skirt and dances to the Do Si Do! (BTW, if any of you clogging friends ever move to Maryland, you'll have an instant job teaching!) I took Cole with me and we had a great time staying with the Huffs and visiting with friends. I taught an awesome dance (yes, I really do think it's awesome) to my former Irish Cloggers for their annual show in the spring and I did some Beginning through Advanced workshops in the evenings. I didn't take my camera with me, (just one more carry on item that I didn't want to worry about) so I don't have any pictures, but it was fun to be back in the area where I have so many great memories.

Cole and I flew back late Friday night and we are getting back into the "together as a family" mode. My kids keep calling me Grandma because of all the time they've spent with my Mom lately. At least that's what I think, maybe I went from looking like a girl in high school to a Grandma in a week! My mom is the greatest Grandma. She took the kids swimming, to the Dinosaur museum, Wheeler Farm and the Aquarium. I'm pretty sure they didn't miss me at all. Luckily Cody was able to drive down and spend a couple evenings with them, so they weren't totally parentless.

Now for some pictures from the past few weeks. My brother and his wife welcomed their 4th child, Hayden McKay Foster on July 17th. Tucker and Aubrey were so excited to see their new cousin.
We celebrated the 24th of July with a huge shindig at my Grandma/pa Foster's house. My dad's birthday is the 23rd so we always combine the holiday with his birthday. For you non-Utahans, the 24th marks the day the Mormon pioneers entered the Salt Lake Valley.

Heather and Dan spent the weekend with us over the 24th. Dan and Cody finally had enough of our non air conditioned house and solved our problem! Hallelujah! It is soooo nice to have AC! Luckily it was a $8 Home Depot fix. The darn builders/electrician never hooked up the wires to a breaker box, so here the guys are hard at work installing one.
We drove up Snake Creek canyon, just above Midway and went exploring by an old mine. Tucker and Aubrey brought home some lovely green rocks.
We love our "pathfinder"! It always does its job.
And a post from us isn't complete without some gorgeous wildflowers.
Finally a new family picture for our sidebar. It was about time Cole was in it.
Cute Heather and Dan. They've almost been married for a year. Ahhh, how precious!


Karen, Mackay, Easton & Kallie said...

i love seeing all the fun stuff you guys do all the time. I am excited cause my parents are looking into a place at the zermatt (or however you spell it) if they get the one they put an offer on, we can come up and you can come swimming since it is so close to you! (probably next summer i guess!) yippeee! :o) obviously not quite as cool as the kidney bean pool, but it will do the job!

Amber said...

Sounds like you guys are doing good and having a lot of fun. Teton sounds like a fun place to have a reunion; that lodge looks amazing. Also, how fun that you were able to run into Erin.

Becky said...

Look at how long and cute Aubrey's hair is! I remember you talking about how you can't wait to fix it -that didn't seem like that long ago. She is adorable!