Friday, August 14, 2009

Random Photos

I decided to load a few random photos I have on my cell phone that show some of the activities we have had the last couple of weeks.
As you will see, my camera phone doesn't take such great photos in bright light. Oh well.
Last week when Lisa was in Maryland, the daughter of my cousin Shelly got married at the Salt Lake temple. Jaycee and Clark looked great together and had a wonderful ceremony. They both look so young, and watching them in the temple made me feel old.

Last Saturday we celebrated my friend Doug Cary's 30th birthday at his dad's house. Doug and Heather were nice enough to provide some killer tacos and a great location for the kids to have fun. Tucker and Aubrey loved playing in the pool with Doug and Tyler's boys.

Even Cole got in on the action. He loves being in the water.

Sunday morning I went to pick up the full time missionaries for our 6:45 meeting, and while waiting for them to come out, I had the priviledge of seeing the sun rise and wash Timp with some beautiful colors.

Lisa came down to the office this week one evening to pay bills, do the quickbooks and all that stuff. While she was doing her stuff, I took the kids over to the grocery store to distract them and get them a treat. They have these awesome mini carts there that Tucker and Aubrey instantly loved.

They were so funny running around with their carts.

I let them pick the treat they wanted and then we went back to the office so they could sit out side and enjoy their candy. They are funny kids.


Becky said...

I love the picture where they are running with the shopping carts. Nice! Giant actually just got some of those mini carts and my kids LOVE them!

Jennasee Shore said...

Cody I have new for are old :D