Sunday, August 9, 2009

Calderwood Family Reunion

We drove up to Teton Valley, ID July 31st-August 2nd for the Calderwood family reunion. The family rents a huge lodge that houses over 100 people and we hangout, eat good food and play in the mountains.

Enjoying a bonfire. Sorry you weren't looking Marisa!
Cody headed down the biggest slide I've ever seen with Beckham.

The kids did a lot of this.
Now don't you wish you had a street named after you?! A bunch of Cody's relatives live on Calderwood Road.
We went into Victor to see Cody's Grandpa's old house and barn. Cody thought he could ride bareback, the horse didn't think he could. : )
Tucker and Beckham loved feeding the horses hay from the safety of their holes in the barn.
Up in the hayloft with Trevor, Kristin, Carson, Tucker, Marisa and Beckham.
This is Jayson, Cody's cousin. He really wanted to be featured on our blog. So, here you go!
On our way up to the reunion we drove through Brigham City and I decided to call Erin Linton cuz that's where her parents live. Funny thing is, she was actually in town! We were able to stop by and visit with her on our way home. So fun! I love seeing friends from Maryland.


Anonymous said...

thats one handsome man wearing orange!!! GO BOISE STATE

Anonymous said...

Not to be picky but that isn't a horse. that is a mule. (not the guy in orange, but the four legged animal cody is trying to get on)

Russell said...

Hey! how does Jayson rate? Carson featured me on his blog and I don't even get a background stand-in spot in yours. Carson may start to pull ahead in the favorite cousin spot!

Carson Calderwood said...

'bout time I do Russ.

Jays, doesn't equate Cody's lack of equine knowledge with mine...

Lisa, nice post! I am currently trying to recover all of ours from a weird loss. I might have to get you to email some to me. I'll let you know...